January 20

More hot pics of sweet Toei, stunning Katai, Ying and (very drunk) Mild! Five new clips: Bew molesting

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farang with her boobs, pushing them into his face, seductive dancer Jenny, Ing's boobs all wet in the pool, cock & ball-pumping Oi and more double-sucking with big-cock-lovers Mod & Vi!
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January 13

Exciting new pics of sultry Pim, Bew and muscle-girls Nit & Ple! 5 new clips: Bew in the pool, Ing driving car and walking

along woods & fields, Am discovers huge cock tube, Preaw's great suck skills, and ass-doll Kwan!
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January 6

Happy New Year!! First update with more new pics of Tawan, Aum, Noon and Jenny! 5 new clips: bra-dancer Tawan,

Ple flexing her muscles, Am in awe filming huge crotch and massaging fat, pumped cock-meat, Nat watching Ing throating monstercock until she tries herself, and Bon swinging her hangers!
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December 30

First new pics of busty sisters Preaw & Bos, Am, Nat, and hot porn-stills! 5 new clips: heavy smothering with Bew, muscly

Nit wearing two tops, Ing's big-dick-date, sexy dancer Jenny and Nang boob-bumping her flat friend!
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Dec 23

Happy Holidays with first pics of "M", Fern, Or and Joy! 5 new clips:

hot dancer Tawan, Am's hangtime, Pompem, cock-greedy Oi, and Mod & Vi playing with their big friend!
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Dec 16

First pics of Toei, Katai, Mild and Ying! 5 new clips: muscly Nit & Ple

dancing great, lactaing Bew's milky madness, hottie Kwan and raunchy Preaw sucking big cock!
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December 9

First new pics of newbies Nit, Pim (left), Bew & Ple! Five new movie-clips: Jenny as

sexy waitress, Bew boob-teasing Farang, Ai, cockteaser Am, and Ing teaching Nat how to suck!
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December 2 - Set 35 Launch!!! Click here or below for more New Girls' Introductions!!
Brand new movie-trailer online with many many teasing snippets of clips to come: whopping boobs, lactating madness, pool-shots, smothering, muscly butts, spanking, tiny girls & monstercock, pumping, washing, throat-reaming, two-girls-sucking, massive facials...
Amd first new pics of lovely newbies Noon, Tawan, Aum and Jenny! Below: more busty Asians, Monday new at CDD!
November 25 - New Girls' Introductions - Part II!! Click thumbs above, or here!
This week with the very last new pics of set 34, showing Ai, Nat (who returns in the upcoming set), Ing and Gee! Plus more hardcore-stills!
Five new clips: lactating Mod's milky madness, Pom's huge hangers, Gee's great ass & tits, facial for Ing, and Pompem's crazy cumshot again from different angles - Set 35 launch with new pics and movie-trailer next week!!
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November 18 - Last new pics of Fon, Mod, Soda & Ple right before her period, bigger than ever! 5 new
clips: huge Som, pouty Ai, smothering with Bon, and two facials, one for Kwan, one for lil' Vi!!
Below: Tit-Goddess Nana & more busty Asians, hot street-boobs, Monday new at CDD!
Above a facial-collage with just some (~80) of Farang's "girlfriends"! For members in large without !